Why Foreverbird?

Foreverbird Studio Enjoys Transformation

Many individuals are disheartened about investing in creative ideas, in life or work, because they lack certain skills or perceive their dreams as too expensive, impractical or dangerous. But at the same time, the #1 regret later in a life is not having had the courage to create what one really desired. To help create more happiness, we offer free and donation based services at Foreverbird Studio. We respect the courage it takes to start a creative project and believe price is not a barrier.

As human beings, we change physically from child to adult and mentally from student to teacher. However, some transformations are unclear and they require more support to achieve.  We are here to support creative transformation that involve facing the unknown. Meeting the challenges of today requires a generous vision because current environment and economic changes challenge every community.

Foreverbird Studio’s success is connected to your success. We share a vision of normalizing new and innovative solutions to grow community values. We like to work smart and provide the highest quality possible. We think a heartfelt relationship is priceless. We enjoy heartfelt connections, quality products and unique services.

People don’t change as fast as technology so we practice human centered design–kind, unique and adaptable. At Foreverbird Studio, visual systems are developed to fit the needs of a community, audience or individual. We know that over time, working consistently and joyfully together, the creative resources grow naturally.

Foreverbird’s Unique Design Approach is a Child-like playfulness

Resistance to change becomes fun when a child-like playfulness is evoked. By creating low risk opportunities to explore creatively and collaborate, as equals, a shift toward embracing the new is possible. The child-like energy of growth and potential, at the heart of Foreverbird Studio, is a unique approach to solving the design challenges of today.

The theory and creative power of evoking child like energy is based on depth psychology concepts. Depth psychology is a branch of study that focuses on the creative side of the human unconscious mind. Using these techniques results in new ideas and accelerates productivity because it connects into the source of our bodies vitality.

Foreverbird Studio is a brand experience design house that specializes in transformation. We believe that change is good, and we embrace it with open arms. Our brand experience is a cyclical process of reimagining core images.

The Foreverbird emerged from a spontaneous sketch, and later developed into a logo. The logo was incorporated into the branding elements to reflect the company’s vision and values.

Our goal is to provide affordable services while also advocating for quality creative projects. We’ve worked on brands for products and brands for businesses alike, helping both small companies and large corporations tell their stories through visual design. As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve enjoyed the process of identity development immensely. I have contributed visual designs to over 100 businesses, resulting in winning awards 3 out of 3 in Startup Weekend events (one past startup—iFixit.com—won the best online community award at SXSW in 2011!).

Photo from Design Thinking Workshop

We know that when you need content, you need it NOW.

That’s why we’ve developed a process that gets your project out the door quickly and efficiently. We start by prototyping and using stock art and templates to scope out new design ideas. This allows us to create an effective plan for producing your materials that not only fits within your budget but also meets your needs.

Once we have a solid design plan in place, we’ll move into production, which is where we use our core set of branded assets to support personnel needs. This helps us ensure that the essence of your business stays consistent over time—in other words, that it’s always fresh!

And because we know how important it is for you to stay current with trends and what’s “trending,” Foreverbird pushes the boundary of visual identity by recreating their bird icon logo annually. By using this method, they’re able to get their products out on time and keep them looking fresh without any hassle or stress!

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