May Night Butterfly Painting Giveaway

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I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I’m changing and growing, hopefully, into a better person. I feel like the butterfly’s transformation fits my life at the moment.

There are many reasons I would love to win this prize.  It is a lovely painting.  It has tremendous meaning.  Also – my daughter LOVES butterflies!

It would make a lovely gift for my mom!

I love insects, and butterflies, being harmless, beautiful, elegant pollinators, are among the best of them. 🙂


Enjoy some me time

Butterflies to me represent the souls of those that have passed on, so I’d like this to make me think of loved ones

My daughter loves butterflies!

I think this is just beautiful and very restful

I really love butterflies!

it looks fancy and fun

My daughters would absolutely love this in their bedroom!

Because I love the authenticity of this painting. It definitely looks both home made and store bought. I love it.

I am very connected to butterflies on a spiritual level and they represent our ever transforming lives.


I love butterflies

to bring joy to my home

My daughter likes to decorate her room with

paintings and she with really love this with her birthday coming up.

Beautiful picture

I love art

I love butterflies and would display it in my room

I’ve loved and been captivated by butterflies since I was a child.

As an elderly adult I’m still intrigued.

my mother loves butterfly’s and I would love to gift it to her

To dress up my drab place

For my niece who would love this

I am changing careers and starting a new chapter in my life. Things are changing my father passed away this year and my mom’s alzheimers is getting worse.

my daughter just moved into her own apartment and i’d love to make it inviting for her

A piece to help express myself and new living room to me

I have no art except for the one I won last month

This would make a great gift for my partner

This would be beautiful in my camper.

Because i need a total change in my life

I would want to win this beautiful painting to hang in my daughter’s room.

I am redoing my bedroom and this would fit into my decor perfectly.

It looks beautiful and would look great on the wall in my bedroom.

to hang in my bedroom that is filled with butterflies

I think butterflies are my true love visiting me from Heaven.  These are just beautiful and would have meaning to me personally.

l grow milkweed  to feed the butterflies

To give to my granddaughter who adores butterflies.  Thanks.

To symbolize the metamorphous my entire family has gone through since August 14, 2019.

It’s so beautiful.

At the age of 60, I’ve gone back to work and become more independent. This butterfly represents my own transformation.

They are nice

It would look striking on my light gray walls and I always love butterflies.

would be beautiful art for our new house

I love everything about nature

I love butterflies and actually have a butterfly decorated guest room so would love this!

I like win painting from this sweepstakes

It would look great in my daughters room

For the past two years or so, I’ve been in a “cocoon” phase but I’m starting to break out. This is lovely and inspiring.

I am a May baby and this is gorgeous. I would hang it next to my vanity. Its whimsical and free.


my grand children just loves butterflies.  i always try to make them happy by giving them what they need and want.

I deserve it

It is a very unique and pretty piece of art .

It’s beautiful and would look great in our guest bedroom

It reminds me of myself constantly growing and trans forming into different things. I also would love this gorgeous painting in my house as it’s lovely

Interesting painting

I love painting, it is Just a hobby. and not the best at it.

A butterfly is a symbol of overcoming. It’s been a rough year. A daily reminder would be nice.

I am just learning to draw and paint now so this book would be perfect


I would love the painting …it would symbolize my new beginning as newly divorced woman starting a new journey in life!

I’d love to gift to my mom she loves butterflies

my daughter has always been nicknamed butterfly princess

I would love to win this prize as I have a connection with butterflies as my mom did.

I know a Masterpiece when I see it! I’m in it to WIN IT!

To share it with my office

Hang it on our office wall.

beautiful piece of art

I think it is a beautiful piece of art and my fiancée would love it

I love butterflys and butterfly decor!

Nice painting!

because it’s so beautiful and I love beauty!

I have always felt a connection to butterflies and would love to display this in my home.

My mom loved butterflies and I wear a butterfly necklace with her ashes

I think the painting is beautiful, simple as that.

25 Words Or Less Competition

The butterfly represents profound transformation, or metamorphosis, to be precise. The black and white colors and patterns create a symbolic image of the delicate balance between opposing forces.

Enter for a chance to win the May Night Butterfly painting by Mitra. The competition above asks why you would want this painting, and the winner will be selected at random. The painting is 6×6 inches, on canvas board, and signed on the back. The materials are acrylic inks.

Fun fact, butterflies are attracted to black light. Below is a video from the night the butterflies came to the blacklight stage.