MidJourney illustates dream

I’m in New York, and I think I’m excited to be in the city. There’s a tall building, but there’s some kind of weather event going on. It’s raining. It’s mysterious. And somehow, I’m part of some kind of special event, a secret society something to do with magic. A man shows up and starts showing me his magic. He spells words, and at first, I see nothing, but then I see a ray of sunshine when he says ray of sunshine, and then I see some smoke, which is like magic. And then there’s a woman here to evaluate our talents, and he seems to be very special, and maybe I have some talent too. I started to feel kind of weird about the evaluation in this apartment in New York, and somehow things transitioned, and then I became in a marriage. Our romance is somehow turned sour, and I’m watching it from a distance, and the woman who just got married has become very wealthy with the arrangement, but she seems unhappy.

She says that she’s just unhappy at this moment, but that everything will be OK. She leaves down a mysterious old road and feels like she’s in a fantasy kingdom. To escape, she must cross over a chasm by stacking books in the way. But she can’t get them to stack so she can walk across them. Eventually, she realizes she can jump from one side to the other and ends up in a cave. She feels very natural while in water. As I drop down to the cave, it is unclear if I should go left or right. I feel the flow of water heading toward the meadow, so I know it is in the right direction. Then there are two other women there. They are floating down this beautiful, strong river; they come to a clearing where there is a man.

I decide to confront him, and the two dive deep to avoid the man and to avoid the evil witch. There are others wandering in this area that the witch occupies, and I wonder if they are poor souls or also dangerous. We have a moment when the man and I talk about our strategy. She wants my fingers, and I offer her my childhood ring. He thinks she won’t take it, and she does so he offers his ring too, and the promise that she can have our child. I also ell her she can have my second-born child. And then she starts to die, and he tells me that his previous wife died because of a similar sea witch. He made a poison ring so that when this moment came again, he could kill the witch. We depart and continue on the journey with friends.