Hocuspocus Virtual Tours

Social media trends for interdisciplinary artists in 2023


We desire to collaborate and innovate with creative technology to inspire ourselves and others. We like to play with new concepts and new people and face challenges together. We think great ideas come about because people consistently collaborate with a shared goal. Our goal is to inspire ourselves and others with art.


This virtual tour guides you through the metaverse designed for interdisciplinary artists who like to collaborate. This tour’s theme becomes more nitch as it focuses on magical arts, hocuspocus, and, more specifically, the tarot creative work of your guide. Your guide is Mitra Cline, who will be there LIVE to answer questions along the way. We will tour technology that links Twitch, YouTube, Discord, and Meta Business Suite, including the virtual reality world-building tools. We will touch on Decentraland, a crypto-based metaverse, and how it works with NFT sites such as OpenSea and Rarible. Key concepts are:

  • Video Streaming
  • Community Monitoring
  • Crowd Funding


You will connect over Zoom and be guided through a screen share experience. You must sign up for the event to receive the email invite to join the workshop. It will be recorded and available after if you cannot attend the live event.