Tarot Reading at Yoga Soup

I’m happy to announce more Tarot at Yoga Soup in 2023!

If you’re looking for guidance in your life, you might be wondering what to do next. Or maybe you’re trying to figure out if something is a good idea. Maybe you’re just having trouble getting started on something. Tarot can help with that and it is a form of entertainment!

It’s about trusting the messages will arrive when you need them. It’s about using the cards as tools for your own creativity and intuition; they won’t tell you what to do—they’ll help you tap into the wisdom inside yourself so that you can make decisions that feel right for YOU. Confirmation signs might be a letter, number, color, or word—what makes sense to YOU!

Tarot is also really fun! We have clients who come because they just want to know what their future holds—and then they end up learning how to use tarot as a creative tool. Mitra is dedicated to facilitating authentic creative expression through tarot readings and other mediums like art and music.

Donation-Based Reading At Yoga Soup 
The suggested donation is $40 per reading
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