Mitra’s Art

This page features a selection of my most recent body of work, a mermaid series investigation lasting approximately 5 years. My practice is exploring the images that fascinate, grab, haunt, and hold my curiosity. Understanding the image qualities, for me, requires interdisciplinary art.

Below, I’ve ordered selected artworks by their creative discipline. The completion image of this series is an intertwined alchemical mermaid figure and is the first one on this page. Evolution is always present in my work as I investigate the image through my creative practice and as one series ends another begins. I’m currently working with the tradition of tarot imagery, a focus that emerged at the end of this series on mermaids.



Gemini Synchronicity, Oil on Canvas, 30×20, 2019


Photography / Mixed Digital Media

Mermaid Angles behind succulent garden sculpture

Graphic Design / Interactive Design

Mermaid Type Tarot Weekly Reading Oct 18 3
Mermaid Type Tarot Weekly Reading Oct 18 3
ten of pentacles mermaid type tarot

Wearable Art


Public Exhibitions

I have an exhibition sketch for this series that I am looking to install when the arts return to normal after the pandemic. There have been two small group exhibitions during this series and public work on social media. I have applied to the individual artist grant program in 2021 from CA to fund this project.

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