Rainbow – Axis​ Mundi

6732B453-CB02-4239-80F0-DB862443EE3Fsun and moon rainbowrainbow flower coupleancient rainbow couple digital drawing

rainbow bird paintingrainbow bird paintingrainbow bird painting detailrainbow bird painting detailmitra vomit rainbowrainbow horserainbows in digital drawingsdigital drawing with rainbow charactersrainbow hoopingrainbow light ballphoto of rainbow egg on porchrainbow paper bowls against the fenceglitter rainbow hand in boxmitra with rainbow hoopgirl in rain digital drawing

rainbow glitter
Ida Mae’s glitter on the left and mine on the right.

Papier-mâché rainbow stone circlePapier-mâché mom in grandma's rainbow glitterimg_0962img_0644

6c860038-e1fe-4fbc-844d-e18086fc8a9dimg_0071img_1327img_1329img_1330Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 4.34.44 PMmermaid pins 4Papier-mâché bowl rainbowfrog and butterfly digital drawingdigital drawing of Innana and Gilgameshmitra with rainbow light hoopmermaid couplesun and moon digital drawingjamLucy active imaginationchristopher chantpersonal perspective digital drawingItaly1999-MitraCline15portrait

Plastic Plant


Getting started with the background

2012MarketingCampaign12120111l_800_600_EB7C182B-1069-4F6D-99F8-47D96264564B.jpegcollaborative drawing with sun

Picture 8
My art on the wall at Michelle Wilders


All we can see
Mixed media on paper



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