Sketchbooks… Can the iPad replace my scketchbook?

I have always enjoyed sketching and keeping a sketchbook. This weekend I finally put all my sketchbooks in one place… it’s like going back in time looking through them! I still keep several books going… normally about 3 at a time… and now I also have the digital iPad sketchbook plus the WordPress compilation sketchbook…...

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Acoustic Sunrise

I finally went and got an iPad to sketch with. I like drawing with never ending colors and having any texture at my fingertips. Not to mention that I love playing with new drawing materials. The iPad is great for new drawing materials – programs and setting options. I started with 3 ipad drawing apps:…

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8-year old firestorm memories

I don’t remember what my room looked like. I don’t remember the backyard. I don’t remember being in a swimsuit. I don’t remember being barefoot. I don’t remember what anyone was wearing. I do remember the shock and terror of watching the flames race over and down the hill. I do remember white smoke like…...

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